2019.01.07 | Marketing Team
[Sedaily] CPRO, Marketing analysis with intelligent image sensor

Sedaily posted an article on a Video Security company, CPRO & Retail analysis service, Retailtrend.

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2018.12.12 | Marketing Team
[MTN] CPRO, becoming a CCTV based data company

High-resolution multi-sensor technology & Cloud utilizing retail analysis service 'Retailtrend'.

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2018.10.29 | Marketing Team
Participation in 2018 IFSEC Bangkok

Participated in security show in 2018 IFSEC Bangkok. Secubest absorbed much interest from the visitors.
4 Sensor Panoramic ultimate high resolution camera, 4 Sensor Surround view camera, 3 Sensor 180° Panoramic camera and SECUBEST technology were the key products. Secubest highly appreciates all the visitor and we will keep moving forward to develop unique and high performance products to satisfy customers’ needs.
Please keep eyes on Secubest who is always eager to support you.


2018.09.07 | Marketing Team

'Retailtrend' YTN Radio ads are sent daily from am 7:30 to 8:00 and am 8:10 to 8:30.

2018.03.22 | Marketing Team

CPRO had opened the Cloud Retail Analytics service, Retailtrend.

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